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Club Members 1872-1945


This project aims to eventually identify all club members (playing and non-playing) and guest players. It is being started from 1872 to 1945.


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Name Joined Club Details Photograph
Caine, W. 1898-99 Possibly William Caine. Born 28th August 1873 Liverpool. Son of William Sproston Caine MP Scarborough, and Alice (nee Brown). Merchant. Westminster School. St. Andrews University. Oxford University. Author of numerous books. Married 1907 Edith Gordon Walker in London. Died 1st September 1925 Ostend, Belgium.
Calcutt, Frederick Rich 1920-21 Born 1895 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Son of Frederick Calcutt, Commercial Traveller, and Minnie Otton (nee ?). Married 1922 Mercy Mary Ellen Collard in Bristol. Died 22nd April 1956 at 24 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol. At time of death living at The Hawthorns Hotel, Woodland Road, Tyndalls Park, Bristol.  
Caldicott, Alan 1907-08

Born 19th March 1887 Coventry, Warwickshire. Son of Richard Botham Caldicott, Ribbon Manufacturer, and Annie (nee Merry). Father attended Bristol Grammar School. Baptised 18th April 1887 St Michael's, Coventry. Lindley Lodge School, Higham, Leics. Bradfield College 1901-1905. Lived at Sloanwick Road, Redland, Bristol. Killed in Action 7th December 1916 Dar es Salaam, German East Africa.


Caldicott, A. 1913-14    
Callander, Robert 1898-99 Born 1878 Minnifaff, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. Son of Robert Callander and Isabella Annie (nee ?). Timber Merchant. Died 1912 West Derby, Lancashire.  
Cambridge, E. 1873-74 Listed in 1922 book as club member but not listed in members handbook for 1873-74  
Campbell, D.A. 1908-09    
Campbell, Guy Marshall 1879-80 Born 23rd September 1862 Newton, Massachusetts, USA. Son of Dr Francis Joseph Campbell. and Mary F(nee Boud). Father american and blind from childhood. Became Teacher at Royal Normal College for the Blind and Academy of Music (It later changed its name to the Royal National College for the Blind), Upper Norwood, London of which his father was Principal. Married 1892 Louisa Bealby in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Father knighted by Edward VII in 1909. Suceeded his father as Principal in 1912. Died 2nd February 1929 Maylebone Road, London. Wife took over as principal of college.  
Canning, R. 1879-80    
Canning, R.A. 1882-83    
Capes, C.A. 1909-10 Possibly Caleb Ambrose Capes. Born 28th December 1890 Ontario, Canada. Son of John Capes, Farmer, and Melissa (nee Fairbanks). Married Mable E Milner. Died 3rd November 1957.  
Capes, Geoffrey Bernard 1907-08

Born 13th November 1889 Chiddingstone, nr. Sevenoaks, Kent. Son of Gerrard Joseph Capes, Naval Officer then Farmer. Brother of Paul. Clifton College 1905-1906. Banking and Insurance. Canadian Army WW1. Died 26th February 1961 Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.


Capes, Paul Emery 1911-12

Born 1892 Sevenoaks, Kent. Son of Gerrard Joseph Capes, Naval Officer then Farmer. Brother of Geoffrey. Died 25th October 1923 28 Pultenay Street, Bath, Somerset. Obituary in Bath Herald 1923.

Capper, J.P. 1921-22 Possibly John P. Capper. Born 1897 Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. Son of William P Capper and Elizabeth (nee ?) . North Staffs Regt WW1. Died 1966 Bakewell, Derbyshire.  
Cardey, A. 1890-91    
Carpenter, Alfred Edward 1920-21

Born 26th January 1901 Bristol. Son of Alfred Herbert Carpenter,  Clerk at the Bank of England, and Ellen Emily (nee ?). Christened 8th December 1907 at St Anselm, Clifton (Whiteladies Heath Centre now stands on the site). Married 1937 Irene Constance Denning in Weston-super-Mare. Died 1987 Poole, Dorset.

Carruthers, Arthur Norman 1919-20

Born 1893 Bristol. Son of Arthur J. Carruthers, Commercial Traveller and Ellen M (nee ?). Married 1918 Constance Hellen Chater at St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex. Died 26th July 1939 at 4 Downs Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Funeral 28th July 1939 at Henbury Parish Church. Buried at Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Carslake, Lewin Bampsfield 1880-81 Born 15th June 1861 Bridgwater, Somerset. Son of John Hawkey Bingham Carslake, Solicitor who died 23rd August 1880 in Clifton, Bristol. Lewin also a Solicitor. Died 9th January 1938 Wimbledon, Surrey.  
Carter, P.S. played 1889 Gloucester player loaned.  
Carter, S.P. 1888-89    
Carwardine, Stephen Titley 1920s Born 27th April 1910. Son of Stephen Ernest Carwardine, Tea Dealer, and Alice Maud (nee Parsons). His father introduced the Carwardine Tea Rooms to Bristol. His father was apprenticed to Phillip Lloyd, tea and coffee merchant, of Bristol, whose business had been started in 1777, which he subsequently purchased. His father was also one of the three people responsible for the creation of the Bristol Evening Post newspaper. Baptised 11th December 1910 Westburry-on-Trym. Clifton College 1924-1927. Chartered Accountant. Coffee and Tea Merchant. Chiefly to be remembered for his work in the years of World War Two, when huge efforts were made using the Carwardine Coffee and Tea Rooms (4 in Bristol) to feed the local population, as these establishments largely escaped the bombing, unlike many others. As a Chartered Accountant, he also saw through the incorporation of Stephen Carwardine & Co Ltd, following the enactment of the Companies Act in 1935. Married 1935 Rosemary Nancy Bernard in Bristol. Died 3rd May 1980 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. His son Christoper carried on the tea and coffee business.
Cartwright, W.J.T. 1883-84    
Castle, Gilbert Stacey 1911-12 Born 4th April 1893 Bristol. Son of Richard Castle, Linen Merchant and Ellen (nee Gittens). Married 1924 Mercia E Vaughan-Walton. Died 1981 Bristol.
Cater, Bertram Aymer 1902-03

Born 1st September 1873 Childwall, Liverpool (note Charterhouse Register says 12th September 1873). Name sometimes listed as Aymer Bertram Cater. Son of Charles Alexander Cater, Colonial Merchant, and Mary Jane (nee Rowe). Charterhouse School 1888-1890. Asst. Sec. North British Mercantile Insurance Co. Married Lilian Sylvester (nee Grieve) 1908 London. Died 26th March 1954 Colvend, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. Buried Colvend Church, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.


Cavan, J. 1897-98    
Cavell, Leonard Arthur Sylvester 1906-07 Born 31st August 1888 Bristol. Son of Arthur Sylvester Cavell, Chartered Accountant, and Lucy Maud (nee Jones). Clifton College 1903-1905. 1st South Midland [Gloucestershire] Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, 6th Glos WW1. Chartered Accountant. Died 22nd September 1963 St Andrews Hospital, Northampton.  
Caulfeild, Gordon 1913-14

Born 25th February 1885 Classa, Coachford, Co. Cork, Ireland. Killed in Action 30th November 1917 La Vacquerie Valley, Belgium.


Chamberlain, Claude 1872-73 Born 29th April 1853. Brother of Washington. Son of Henry Taylor Chamberlain, Sugar Broker, and Marianne (nee Peters). Christened 14th June 1853 Westbury-on-Trym. Clifton College 1865-1870. China. Sugar Broker. Died 21st November 1886 at Tainanfoo, Formosa of fever.


Chamberlain, Washington 1873-74 Born 23rd December 1851 Redland, Bristol. Son of Henry Taylor Chamberlain, Sugar Broker, and Marianne (nee Peters). Brother of Claude. Christened 10th February 1852 Westbury-on-Trym. Clifton College 1865-1868. Stockbroker. Died 1st April 1939 Bristol.  
Champion, H. 1872-73    
Champion, Henry Philip 1896-97 Born 1874 Clifton, Bristol. Christened 6th December 1874. Son of James Harden Champion, Farmer, and Jane (nee Hawkins). Confectioner. WW1 Royal Defence Corps. Died 3rd August 1923 Norfolk.  
Chandler, R.T. 1891-92    
Channer, Lt. Col. Osborne Henry 1872-73 Born 21st August 1853 Allahabad, India. Son of Colonel George Girdwood Channer and Susan (nee Kendall). Clifton College 1866. Sherborne School. Edinburgh University. Surgeon. Afgan War 1879-1882. Bombay Mdeical Service. Married 7th July 1910 Ida Sloan Jones in Milverton, Warwickshire. Died 16th September 1937 Brookheath, nr Fordingbridge, Hampshire.  
Chantrill, Bevan Stanishaw 1913-14 Born 11th February 1897 Bristol. Son of William Ernest Chantrill and Leah Agnetta (nee Northam). Christened 9th April 1897 St Johns, Clifton. Bristol Grammar School. Queen's Own Hussars from August 1914 (aged 17); Second Lieutenant, Gloucestershire Regiment, and from February 1918, the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force; he was commissioned as an Observer Officer from 1 August 1918. England International 1924. Also played for Bristol and Rosslyn Park. Goldmining in South Africa 1929-1963. He served during the 1939-1945 War in the South African Air Force to 1942 and later the Royal Air Force in Flying Control. Died 1988 South Africa.
Chaproniere, G. le 1891-92    
Chard, W. 1896-97    
Cheeseman, Arthur Laurence 1899-1900 Born 24th June 1877 Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire. Son of Rev Henry Jordan Cheeseman, , and Louisa Ada (nee Laurence). Leeds Grammar School. Bristol Grammar School. St John’s College, Cambridge 1896. Capt 9th Inf Batt, South African Force WW1.  
Cheeseman, H.J. 1899-1900

Probably Harold Jordan Cheeseman. Born 29th July 1851 Howden, Yorkshire. Son of Robinson Cheeseman, Methodist Minister, and Harriet (nee Hudson). St John’s, Cambridge. 1870; B.A. 1874. Ord. deacon, 1874; priest (Ripon) 1875; C. of Melham Mills, Yorks., 1874-6. Secretary to the Irish Church Missions, 1880-98. R. of Upton Lovel, Wilts., 1900-2. R. of Girton, Cambs., 1902-9. V. of St Andrew's, Deptford, 1909-34. Of 6, West Square, Scarborough, in 1939. Father of Arthur Laurence.

Chester-Master, Geoffrey Edgar 1911-12 Born 1893 Highworth, Wiltshire. Son of Francis Charles Master, Vicar, and Anna May (nee ?). Monkton Combe College, Bath. Died 26th October 1958 Swanage, Dorset.  
Chetham-Strode, Reginald Warren 1913-14 Born 28th January 1896 Henley. Sherborne School 1910-1913. Died 26th April 1974 Playden, Sussex.
Churchill, Arthur Norton Hickling 1909-10

Born 25th April 1891. Clifton College 1905-1908. Killed in Action 7th September 1915.


Clark, Douglas Ariel 1898-99 Born 1874 Clifton, Bristol. Son on Myles Ariel Clark, Solicitor, and Mary Anne Elizabeth (nee Rockett). Solicitor M.A.Clark & Co, Unity Street, Bristol. Died 6th February 1928 Bristol.
Clarke, A. 1910-11    
Clarke, A. 1921-22    
Clarke, C.H. 1920-21    
Clarke, G.H. 1884-85    
Clarke, H.G. 1896-97    
Clarke, I.W. 1905-06 Possibly Isiah W Clarke. Born 1855 Bristol. Dental Surgeon. Married Eleanor E ?. Died 1936 Bristol.  
Clarke, John Michell 1884-85

Born 29th October 1859 Clifton, Bristol. Son of William Michell Clarke, Surgeon, and Caroline Sophia (nee ). Christened 25th November 1859 Clifton, Bristol. Dr C T Hudson's School, Clifton, Bristol. Clifton College 1876-1879. Cais College, Cambridge 1879-BA:1882, MA:1892. Physician. Married Sara Eliza A. Harrison, of 6, Mortimer Rd., Clifton, Bristol. Lived at 28 Pembroke Road, Clifton. Lt Col RAMC WW1. Assistant Physician Bristol General Hospital 1887, Physician 1893. Lecturer in Physiology at University College, Briistol 1887-1906. Professor of Pathology 1896-1906. Professor of Medicine from 1906. Pro Vice-Chancellor Bristol University 1911-1918. Son William kia WW1 1916. Died 21st April 1918 Looe, Cornwall. Buried Canford Cemetery, Bristol. St Paul's Church War Memorial, Clifton.


Clarke, Richard Christopher 1907-08 Born 15th June 1885 Stoke Bishop, Bristol. Clifton College 1899-1903. University College Bristol. Physician. One of the first to recognise Trench Fever at the 19th Casualty Clearing Station 1916-1919. OBE. Middlesex Hospital. Cossham Hospital. Southmead Hospital. Bristol Royal Infirmary. Author. Died 23rd March 1957.  
Claxton, William 1872-73 Born 20th April 1853 Clifton, Bristol. Son of William Claxton, Wine Merchamt and Helen Navine (nee ?). Trinity College, Oxford. Organist, St. Michael's, Tenbury. Married Emily ?. Died 1933  
Clay, H. 1883-84    
Clements, James Bruce Vaughan 1913-14 Born 23rd February 1897 Bristol. Son of Alfred James Clements, Marble Merchants Manager, and Alice Helena (nee Glass). Christened 4th May 1897. Clifton College 1911-1913. Lieut Royal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery, Royal Flying Corps & Royal Air Force WW1. Married 1923 Beatrice R Mullins in Long Ashton, Somerset. Died 1980 Bristol.  
Clifford, Maurice William 1904-05 Born 10th January 1886 Baredley, India. United Services College. Clifton College 1901-1904. Cais College, Cambridge, Lincoln College, Oxford. Married Emma Philippa ?. Indian Forest Service. Public Works Accounts, Lahore, India. Died 8th June 1912 India.  
Clifton, B. 1909-10    
Clissold, Henry 1894-95

Born February 12th 1871 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Wycliffe College, Stonehouse 1882-1884. Clifton College 1885-1889. Trinity College Cambridge 1889-1893. Assistant Master at Marlborough College 1893-1894. Master Clifton College 1894-1914. Killed in Action 28th September 1917 3rd Battle of Ypres, sheltering in a dug-out when a heavy shell came through the roof and exploded inside. Buried at Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery, Ypres.


Cocks, H 1913-14    
Cogan, Leonard Bampfield 1910-11 Born 22nd August 1890 Bristol. Son of William George Bampfield Cogan, and Alice (nee White). Navy. Recommended for promotion by Commodore commanding for good service during the Battle of Jutland. Married Mary Loveday Titcomb. Died 8th February 1967 Exeter.  
Cole, B. 1912-13  
Cole, Frederick Arthur 1920-21

Born 20th October 1894 Portishead, Somerset. Son of William Henry Cole, Ship Broker, and Rose Gertrude Bartlett. Christened 18th October 1896 St Luke’s, Bedminster. Married 5th April 1920 Maude Mary Lockyer in West Moors, Dorset. Died 1977 Bristol.

Cole, H. 1919-20  
Coles, Denys Francis Parr 1910-11

Born 27th June 1891 Frenchay, Glos. Son of Hugh Thomas Coles, Banker and Magistrate, and Wilhelmina Beatrice (nee Randall). Clifton College 1905-1910. Brother of Geoffrey. Lieut East Yorks Regt and RGA Ceylon, Egypt and France WW1. Married 1916 Margery Graeme Vassall. Partner, Central Coal Company, Bristol. Died 19th May 1959 Bucks Mill, Devon.

Coles, Geoffrey William 1906-07 Born 16th August 1887 Frenchay, Gloucestershire. Son of Hugh Thomas Coles, Banker and Magistrate, and Wilhelmina Beatrice (nee Randall). Brother of Denys. Clifton College 1901-1906. Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Planter, Ceylon. Died 27th December 1915 St. George's Hospital, London. Buried 30th December 1915 All Saints Church, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire.
Coles, W. 1891-92 Possibly William Coles. Son of William G Coles, and Mary E (nee ?). Uncle of Denys and Geoffrey. Born 1866 Bristol.  
Collins, Arthur Edward James 1904-05

Born 18th August 1885 Hazaribagh, India. Bath College 1897. Clifton College 1897-1902. Scored 628 not out in a house cricket match at Clifton College, which remains the highest individual score ever recorded anywhere in the world. Killed in Action 11th November 1914. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.


Collyns, Gilbert George 1913-14 Born abt. 1894 Dulverton, Somerset. Died 1974 Sedgemoor, Somerset.  
Colt, W. 1888-89    
Connelly, R. 1912-13    
Coole, John Graham 1922-23

Born 31st May 1902 Bristol. Son of John George Cole, Estate Agent, and Alice Maud (nee Blore). Married 4th October 1938 Isabel Ina Williams in Lingfield, Surrey. Died 2nd October 1968 Redruth, Cornwall.

Cook Guest player 1893 Oxford University. Guested for Clifton in 1893  
Cook, D.C. 1907-08    
Cook, D.S. 1909-10  
Cook, Frederick John Mervyn 1919-20

Born 1892 Kingswood, Glos. Son of William Frederick Cook, Solicitor, and Florence Martha (nee ?). Solicitor Bank Chambers, 40 Corn Street, Bristol. 1914 Trooper, Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, transferred to 16th Machine Gun Squadron, E.E.F. 1916. Granted commission in 8th Batt. Somerset Light Infantry Nov. 28, 1917, promoted Lieut. Jan. 1919. Served at Home 1914 to March 1915, Egypt April to Aug. 1915, Gallipoli (Suvla Bay) Aug. to Dec. 1915, Sinai and Palestine Dec. 1915 to Aug. 1917, France and Belgium April 1918 to March 1919. Married 1st June 1927 Frances Mary Primrose Norrington in Bristol. She was sister of Clifton players Frederic and Henry Norrington. Put himself up for election as a councillor for St Phillip & Jacob North in 1928 and was elected in Westbury-on-Trym in 1933. Lt Col Territorials WW2. He continued as a councillor for Westbury-on-Trym until after WW2. Possibly died 1967 Bristol.


Cook, John 1873-74 Born 24th June 1854 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Alfred Cook, Mariner, and Harriet (nee ?). Clifton College 1867-1872. Died 1910 London.  
Cooke, Major George Humphrey 1919-20

Born 21st January 1903 Cawnpore, Bengal, India. Son of Frederic James Cooke and Angela (nee Beames). Baptised 22nd March 1903. Clifton College 1913-1920. Sandhurst. Indian Army 1923. Indian Political Service 1931-47. Married 6th December 1930 Pauline Pembroke Stephens In Lahore, Bengal. OBE 1945. Died 1979.
Copies of letters and papers of Pauline Cooke held in the national Archives, describing her impressions of India and her experiences when accompanying her husband on tour in North-West Frontier Province, Gilgit and elsewhere.

Cooke, H.L. 1879-80    
Cooke, H.W. 1906-07    
Cooper, John Ernest B. 1921-22 Born 1901 Clifton, Bristol. Banking. Died 1982 Sedgemoor, Somerset.
Cooper, Lyal Newcomen 1893 Born 13th January 1876 at 24 Lower Redland Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Son of Henry N Cooper, Wine Merchant, and Edith (nee Henderson). Clifton College 1885-1886. Civil Engineer. Inspector General, Irrigation Dept, Alexandria, Egpt. Colonel Royal Engineers. Died 27th September 1929 Kingston, Surrey
Cordy, Walter Joseph 1913-14 Born 1888 Bristol. Son of Charles William Cordy, Merchants Clerk, and Jessie (nee Bennett) . His father died when he was 2. Bank Clek. Company Managing Director. Died after 1940  
Cornish, Charles Newton 1883-84 Born 1859 Elworthy, Somerset. Son of William Lyddon Cornish, Farmer, and Elizabeth Sarah (nee Newton). Doctor. LRCP Edinburgh. Bushey Heath, Herts. Died 21st May 1932 Combe Florey, Somerset.  
Corpe, Thomas Denner 192? Born 1905 Yeovil, Somerset. Played rugby 20 times for Somerset. Conservative candidate Bristol East 1945. Married 1946 Norah C B Hurrey in Chelsea, London. OBE 1950. Died 1993 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
Cory, J. 1885-86  
Cosier, William Arthur 1901-02 Born 1882 Wilmington, Kent. Son of William Philpott Cosier, Landowner, and Ethel (nee ?). Married 7th January 1909 Helen Agnes Robbins in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Died 1940.  
Cottell, Kenneth Oswald William 1920s Born 2nd March 1909 Knowle, Bristol. Son of Edward Jospeh Cottell, Collector for Bristol Gas Co. and Nellie Cartwright (nee Powell). Married 1937 Monica Joan Keesey at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Died 1993 Kingsbridge, Devon.
Court, Holmes a 1898-99 Possibly William Frederick Holmes A Court. Born 25th June 1862 Wells, Somerset. Son of William Leonard Holmes A Court, and Caroline A Court (nee Beaden). Died 15th August 1903 Heytesbury, Wiltshire.  
Cox, A.S. 1910-11    
Cox, Graeme Vassall 1879-80 Born 26th September 1858 Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire. Cousin of the England rugby captain Harry Vassall. Clifton College from 1868 - 1876. Trinity College, Oxford. Oxford Blue 1878. Died 14th October 1927 Llwyn Teg, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales .
Cox, Lionel 1898-99 Born 4th March 1878 Brockley, Somerset. Son of Donald Cox, Leather Merchant, and Mary (nee ?). Clifton College 1892-1897. Business Toronto.  
Crabb, R. 1910-11    
Cranston, James 1879-80 Born 9th January 1859 Bordesley, Birmingham. Taunton College. Glos CCC. England cricket. Died 10th December 1904 Bristol
Crawford, John Risdon Murdoch 1910-11 Born 26th December 1887. Son of Walter Murdoch Crawford and Mary Gertrude (nee Bennett). Uncle of Clifton player Philip Charles James Lowe. Clifton College 1902-1904. Died 3rd April 1934 Keynsham, Somerset.  
Crespigny, B de 1896-97    
Crew, Archibald Hibbard 1907-08 Born 18th October 1885 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Edwin George Crew, Produce Merchant. Clifton College 1896-1905. Solicitor. Died 3rd March 1923 St. Paul's Hospital, Hong Kong of pneumonia after appendicitis.  
Cridland, Arthur Bernard 1892-93 Born 18th May 1873. Son of Arthur Cridland, Shoe Manufacturer, and Sarah J. (nee ?). Clifton College 1883-1885. University Colllege Bristol. House Surgeon Eye Hospital, Bristol. Married Evelyn Fisher Smith in 1908. Died 29th June 1934 Wolverhampton, West Midlands.
Crinks, Cecil Francis 192? Born 31st December 1906. Son of Montagu Cecil Crinks, Merchant Navy, and Edith Mary (nee Francis). Baptised 14th April 1907 Westbury-on-Trym. Bank Manager, National Westminster Bank. Married 1933 Joan Edbrooke Samson in Taunton. Died 8th January 1974 at 37 Richmond Close, Sherborne, Dorset. Buried 10th January 1974.
Cripps, Bertram Upton Sinclair 1919-20 Born 15th June 1896 Winford Manor, Somerset. Son of Percy Rowland Cripps and Mary Howard (nee Tripp). Brother of Percy. Clifton College 1906-1914. Sandhurst. Welsh Regiment, RFC & Royal Air Force WW1. Died 1982 Ukehampton, Devon.  
Cripps, G.E. pre WW1  
Cripps, Kater Charles Canning 1898-99 Born 15th February 1875 Bristol. Son of Henry Kater Cripps, Marble Merchant, and Sarah Lucy (nee Canning). Christened 30th March 1875 St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. Marble Merchant. Died 1968 Stourbridge, Worcs.  
Cripps, Percy Grenville Howard 1913-14 Born 11th September 1893 Winford Manor, Somerset. Son of Percy Rowland Cripps, and Mary Howard (nee Trip). Brother of Bertram. Clifton College 1906-1911. Somersetshire Light Infantry, 1/R Dub Fus, 10/Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, Major Tank Corps WW1. Married 3rd August 1921 Cecily Helen Ebden. in Colwall, Herefordshire  
Crook, Charles Henry 1880s Born 1863 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Thomas Henry Crook and Elizabeth Martha (nee Hooper). Also played rugby for Redland Park. Engineering Representative. Married Katherine Mary ?. Died 24th September 1946 at Hollywood, Eastwood Road, St Andrews, Bristol. Buried at Arnos Vale Cemetery.  
Cross, Francis Richardson 1879-80 Born 26th November 1847 Merriott Vicarge, Somerset. King's College, London. Died 12th July 1931 Worcester House, Clifton, Bristol.
Crow, John G. 1879-80    
Crowdy, Francis Demainbray 1879-80 Born 17th September 1857 Shaw cum Donington, Berkshire. Son of Alfred Southby Crowdy, Banker, and Emma Eliza (nee Townsend). Westminster College, Oxford. Oriel College, Oxford. Surgeon. Association Football Blue 1877 and 1880. Played in 1880 FA Cup Final for the Oxford University side that lost 1-0 to Clapham Rovers. Married 1896 Florence Mary Saunders in London. POW WW1. Died 12th February 1939 at Byways, Pinhoe, Devon.  
Crozier, D.H. 1891-92    
Cruden, George 1903-04    
Culverwell, Cecil George 1921-22 Born 10th April 1904 Bristol. Son of Robert John Culverwell, Insurance Broker, and Mary Elizabeth (nee Grigg). Clifton College 1917-1921. Fruit grower Australia. Moved to New Zealand. Died 13th November 1987. Buried St. James Church, Kerikeri, New Zealand.  
Cumberland, John 1889-90 Born 3rd March 1844 Cawnpore, India. Son of Major William Cumberland, 11th Bengal Native Infantry, and Amelia Ann (nee Cossens). Grandson of Rear Admiral William Cumberland, Commander of HMS Layden at the capture of the Danish Navy iat Copenhagen in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars. Great Grandson of Richard Cumerland, Dramatist and Civil Servant, Under Secretary to Lord Halifax in Dublin Castle. Great Great Granson of Rt Rev Dr Denison, Bishop of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh, Ireland. Baptised 7th April 1844 Cawnpore, Bengal, India. Solicitor 18 Clare Street, Bristol. Married 1868 Jane Elizabeth Lambert in Bath.  
Cummings, B. 1921-22    
Cunningham, E.N. 1898-99    
Cunningham, G. 1896-97    
Curgenven, Gerald 1902-03

Born 18th May 1876 Byfield, Northamptonshire. Son of Rector Francis Henry Curgenven and Katherine Georgina (nee Stephens). Marlborough College. Christs College College, Oxford. Assistant Master Rossall 1898, St. Peters, York 1900-01. Master Clifton College 1901-1934. Married Jacquette Francis Woolcombe in 1902. Lord of the Manor of Trevalga. Died 11th January 1959 Trevalga, Cornwall. He left the village of Trevalga to Marlborough College.

Curley, Hugh Joseph 1921-22 Born 28th March 1903 Balham, London. Son of Hugh Joseph Curley, Hotel Manager, and Alice Maud (nee ?). Married 1930 Edna Kathleen Cross in Bristol. Civil Service. Died March 1974, Portsmouth, Hampshire.  
Curtis, John 1872-73 Born abt. 1851 Bristol. Son of John Curtis, Accountant, and Elizabeth (nee Williams). Brother of Michael. Chartered Accountant. Married 22nd July 1876 Elizabeth Daidge in Bristol. Believed to have died 8th February 1930 at Stokeleigh, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. Buried 12th February 1930 Canford Cemetery, Bristol.
Curtis, Michael Martyn 1872-73 Born 17th November 1853 Clifton, Bristol. Son of John Curtis, Accountant, and Elizabeth (nee Williams). Brother of John. Malvern College. England rugby trial. Died 23rd November 1924 Bristol.
Curtis, O. 1906-07    
Curtis, Richard George 1907-08 Born 18th June 1889 Bristol. Son of Henry Alfred Curtis, Butcher, and Caroline Eleanor (nee Hunt). Christened 4th January 1893 Bristol. Army. Married 20th December 1922 Edith Blanche House at Redland Park Church. Died 24th February 1959 Bristol.
Curtis, William Frederick 1920-21

Born 17th June 1903 Bristol. Son of John Curtis, Baker, and Louisa E (nee ?). Father was a Baker on Merchants Road, Hotwells. Bristol Grammar School. Worked as an Accountant with Ware, Ward & Co., 7 Unity Street, Bristol. Also worked at their office in Exeter. Died 1977 in Exeter, Devon.


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