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Club Members 1872-1945


This project aims to eventually identify all club members (playing and non-playing) and guest players. It is being started from 1872 to 1945.


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Name Joined Club Details Photograph
Radcliff, E. 1872-73 Believed to be Edmund Stringfellow Radcliffe. Born 25th April 1853 Agra, Bengal, India. Son of Edmund Ford Radcliffe, Bengal Civil Service in India, judge with the Honourable East India Company, and Emily (nee Hart). Clifton College 1868-1869. Married 25th April 1877 Emma Matilda Permien in Gladstone, Queensland. Died 29th September 1896 Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.  
Radcliffe, J.M. 1921-22    
Randolph, John Weech 1873-74 Born 30th December 1847 Canterbury, Kent. Son of John Weech Randolph. Lt. Col. Army and Georgina Mary (nee Powell). Married Caroline Ritson. Died 4th January 1917 Laverstock House, Laverstock, nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire.  
Rankin, Lionel Kentish 1872-73

Born 16th February 1854 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Thomas Wright Rankin, Wine Merchant, and Hannah (nee Rogers). Clifton College 1863-1872. Christ's College, Cambridge BA:1878. Bristol Medical School. Doctor. Married 1886 Elizabeth Beedle in Brecknock, Breconshire, Wales. Universities Mission to Central Africa. Assistant Resident, N. Nigeria, 1900; invalided, 1902. Resident in London in 1911. Moved to USA. Moved to Vancouver, Canade. Died 24th February 1945 Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Raven, Roger Abbot 1909-10

Born 1879 Broadstairs, Kent. Son of Dr Thomas Francis Raven, General Medical Practitioner, and Margaret Maxwell (nee Daniel). Baptised 18th April 1879 Broadstairs, Kent. Uppingham School. Hertford College, Oxford. Assistant Master Clifton College 1909-1910. Assistant Master Rugby School 1914-1928. King's College, London 1928-1929. Vice-Principal Goldsmith's College, London 1929-1939. Writer. Died 17th November 1942 Heatherbank Nursing Home, Hindhead, Surrey

Reed, A.L. 1906-07

Possibly Alfred L. Reed. Born 1881. Died 1940 Bristol.

Reed, T.M. 1883-84    
Reynolds, Charles Bernard 1908-09 Born 14th May 1889 Bristol. Son of Maurice Reynolds, Managing Director Colman & Reynolds, Imperial Brewery, and Loiusa Mary (nee Bedell). Brother of Maurice Hugh Reynolds. Clifton College 1902-1908. Oriel College, Oxford. Married 5th May 1922 Winifred St Leger Ferrier Beasley in ?. Squire School. Lecturer Anglican Theological College, British Columbia. Died 21st November 1971 West Vancouver, Canada.  
Reynolds, L. 1873-74    
Reynolds, Maurice Hugh 1898-99 Born 19th September 1879. Son of Maurice Reynolds, Managing Director Colman & Reynolds, Imperial Brewery, and Loiusa Mary (nee Bedell). Brother of Charles Bernard Reynolds. Clifton College 1893-1898. Telegraph Department, India. Married 9th July 1907 Frances Amy Bishop in Lynton, Devon. Died 22nd November 1936 New Forest, Hampshire.  
Reynolds, S. 1898-99    
Reynolds, Sidney Hugh 1893-94 Born 18th December 1867 Brighton, Sussex. Son of Rev Henry Revell Reynolds and Jane Katharine (nee ?). Christened 23rd January 1868 St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex. Brighton School. Marlborough College 1881-1885. Trinity College, Cambridge 1886-BA:1889, MA:1894. Professor of Geology at Bristol University 1910-1933. Married 21st July 1904 Effie Beryl Wright at Christchurch, Clifton, Bristol. Died 20th August 1949 13 All Saints Road, Clifton, Bristol.
Richards, A. 1907-08    
Richards, A.T. 1919-20  
Richards, B.D. 1901-02    
Richards, Charles Anthony Langdon 1930s Born 18th April 1911. Son of Thomas Langdon Richards, Music Master at Clifton College from 1919-1930. Clifton College 1921-1929. Brasenose College, Oxford. Rugby Blue 1932Played rugby for Gloucestershire. He appeared in an England trial match North v South and became a reserve in the 1934 England v Ireland match. Married Mary Edith Warren-Codrington. Colonial Civil Service. Appointed to Uganda in 1934. Major 7th King's African Rifles WW2. Commissioner for Community Development in Uganda in 1953-54. Minister of Local Government in Uganda 1960-61. Borough Engineer Department of the Swindon Borough Council. Died August 1996 Swindon, Wiltshire
Richardson, Henry Blanchard 1879-80 Born 1st August 1859 St. Barford, Bedfordshire. Son of Rev Thomas Pierson Richardson and Louisa (nee Horsley). Clifton College 1872-1878. Jesus College, Cambridge. Master of a Prep School. Married 14th April 1884 Mary Beatrice Poggi in St. Paul's Church, Princes Park, Liverpool. Died July 1906 Oswestry, Shropshire.  
Riddell, Andrew Wilson 1884-85 Born 1864 Hydrabad, India. Son of Frances Riddell, Accountant. Known as "Archer". Physician and Surgeon. Married Agnes Elizabeth (nee Oliver). Died 7th August 1915 95 Rowson Street, New Brighton, Cheshire.  
Ring, Richard Frank 1873-74

Born 1854 Redland, Bristol. Son of Richard Charles Ring, Coal Merchant, and Eliza (nee Sherrard). Christened 20th June 1854 Holy Trinity Church, Bristol. Blundells School 1868-1869. His aunt, Elizabeth, was married to Elisha Smith Robinson, the MP for Bristol. Their grandchildren were the Clifton players Foster, Percy and Harold. Died 1925 London.

Riseley, Arthur Henry 1899-1900 Born 7th July 1874 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Henry Lorymer Riseley, Insurance Agent . Brother of Frank. Barrister at Law. Married 25th July 1901 Gertrude Edith Castle at St. Patrick's Church, Steyning, Hove, Sussex. MBE. Emigrated to Canada. Stockbroker. Died 1961 Battle, Sussex.
Riseley, Frank Lorymer 1899-1900

Born 6th July 1877 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Henry Lorymer Riseley and Phoebe (nee Greenway). Brother of Arthur. Tennis player. Won the Wimbledon Double Championships twice in 1902 and 1906. He lost the singles finals three times against Lawrence Doherty in 1903, 1904 and 1905. Insurance Broker. Grenadier Guards WW1. Married Elizabeth Mary Coulthurst. Died 6th February 1959 Mount Stuart Nursing Home, Torquay, Devon.


tennis archive

Rissick, B. 1911-12

Only name that fits but can not, as yet, find a Bristol connection is Bernhard "Barney" Rissik. Born 1892 South Africa. Son of Hon. Johann Friedrich Bernhard Rissik (Administrator of the Transvaal), and Maria Magdelena Wilhelmina (nee Leibrandt). Trinity College, Oxford. 2nd Lt. 9th Rifle Brigade. Killed in action 23rd June 1915. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

Evidence of relatives at Clifton College.


Roach, Sidney John 1921-22 Born 1899 Hotwells, Bristol. Son of George Henry Roach and Louisa Matilda (nee ?). Married 1932 Minnie D. Carey in Bristol. Died 1971 Bristol.  
Roberts, H. 1904-05    
Roberts, H.Wynne 1906-07    
Roberts, E.H. 1921-22    
Robertson, A.L. 1907-08    
Robertson, E. 1930s  
Robinson, C. 1879-80 Possibly Charles John Robinson. Born 30th December 1859. Clifton College 1873-1878. Business Rochdale. Died 1942.  
Robinson, Edward 1879-80 Born 6th June 1853 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Elisha Smith Robinson and Elisabeth Frank (nee Ring). Father of Foster, Percy and Harold. Magistrate, Manufacturer of Stationary and Printing. Married 27th April 1876 Katherine Francis Gotch. Lord Major of Bristol 1908. Briefly MP. Died 6th September 1935 Stroud, Glos.
Robinson, Foster Gotch 1905-06 Born 19th September 1880. Brother of Harold and Percy. Clifton College 1892-1899. Exeter College, Oxford. Glos CCC. Died 31 October 1967 East Harptree, Somerset.
Robinson, Harold Gotch 1904-05 Born 5th April 1884. Son of Edward Robinson, Magistrate, Manufacturer of Stationary and Printing, Lord Major of Bristol 1908, and Katherine Francis (nee Gotch). Brother of Foster and Percy. Clifton College 1894-1902. McGill University, Montreal. Married 1st June 1911 Richenda Abbot at St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. Died 28th May 1954 at Chesterfield Nursing Home, Clifton, Bristol.  
Robinson, Percy Gotch 1898-99 Born 11th February 1882 Bristol. Son of Edward Robinson, Magistrate, Stationer & Printer,  and Katherine Frances (nee Gotch). Clifton College 1893-1900. Glos CCC 1904-1921. Married 1924 Gladys M Davey in Long Ashton, Somerset. Lt.Col RFA WW1. Chairman Bristol Evening Post. Home Guard WW2. Died 29th February 1951 Queen Charlotte Manor, Keynsham, Somerset
Robinson, C. 1912-13    
Robinson, C. 1909-10    
Robinson, G. 1912-13    
Robinson, Denniss 1919-20 Born 12th May 1901. Clifton College 1915-1918. Bristol University. E.S.& A.Robinson Ltd., Bristol 1923-34. RAF. Army. Died September 1985 Watford, Herts.  
Robinson, H.S. 1930s  
Robinson, Jock Nicholson 1920s-30s  
Rogers, W. 1891-92    
Rogers, William John  

Born 1888 Clifton, Bristol. Son of Francis Edward Rogers, Soap Manufacturer, and Kate (nee ?). Soap Manufacturer. Died 9th May 1917 Battle of Arras. Buried Faubourg D'Amiens cemetery near Arras.


Rogers, V.E. 1919-20  
Rogers, N.J. 1919-20    
Rogerson, Thomas Cooper 1893 Born 1870 Cheetham Manchester. Son of Edward Rogerson, Ironmonger, and Martha Elizabeth (nee Chesters). Mill Hill School, Leicester. Sherbourne School, Dorset. Exeter College, Oxford. Also played rugby for Oxford, Bath and Somerset. Solicitor. Married 29th June 1899 Hilda Gertrude (Parker) in Bootle, Liverpool. Died 14th July 1941 19 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex
Roper, W. 1896-97    
Rosling, Charles Holbrook 1912-13

Born 24th May 1882 Derby. Son of Rev Charles Douglas Rosling, Headmaster, and Madeline (nee Holbrook). Schoolmaster. Captain 1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. Died of wounds 22nd October 1918 received at the Passage of the Selle.


Rose, John William 1884-85 Born 23rd August 1862 Edinburgh, Scotland. Son of Henry Rose and Ann (nee Allward). Clifton College 1874-1880. Balliol College, Oxford BA-1883. Solicitor. Oxford Circuit. Married Edith Elizabeth Wansey. Died 23rd June 1945 in hospital in Hastings after an accident.  
Rose, G.A. 1921-22  
Ross, H.D. 1907-08    
Rossiter, Thomas William 192? Born 25th December 1907 Bristol. Son of William James Rossiter, Corset Manufacturer, and Leah Emily (nee Brimble). His mother was sister of Clifton player William Henry Brimble who married William James Rossiter's sister. Clifton College 1919-1924. Manufacturers Agent to 1939. Flt Lt RAF WW2. Transport Manager Messrs Groaten Ltd, Bristol. Died 1963 Weston-super-Mare.
Rotton, J. 1884-85 Believed to be John Edward Wharton Rotton. Born 29th March 1849 Coleshill, Warwickshire. Son of Rev John Edward Wharton Rotton and Anne Sarah (nee Clark). Professor of Music.  Died 28th March 1897 Surrey  
Rought, Charles Gardner 1906-07

Born 16th October 1884. Son of Charles Rought, Mechanical Engineer, and Ada Isabel (nee Gardner). Clifton College 1896-1901. Engine Works, Manchester. England Rowing. Olympic Games, Stockholm 1912 silver medal. Died in Service 31st January 1919 after eating a bad oyster.


Rowatt, Robert 1913-14

Born 14th February 1892 Crosby, Lancashire. British American Tobacco, Ashton Gate, Bristol. 10th Scottish Kings L/pool, 1st Lincolns WW1. Married 16th June 1917 Mary Stuart Dow at St. Andrew's, Waterloo, Liverpool. Founding member of the Bangalore Rotary Club. Return to England 27th February 1956. Died June 29th June 1959 at Walton Hospital, Liverpool, Lancashire.

Rowe, Charles Arthur 1884-85 Born 1867 Exeter. Son of Thomas Rowe, Merchant, and Emma Cockerom (nee Bradley). Brother of Percy. Lead Merchant. Married Bessie J ?. Possibly died 27th December 1945 Mount Stewart Nursing Home, Torquay.  
Rowe, Percy Trevellyn 1900-01

Born 2nd September 1879 Exeter. Son of Thomas Rowe, Merchant, and Emma Cockerom (nee Bradley). Brother of Charles. Leys School, Cambridge. Ran Bristol Branch of family business. At start of WW1 not allowed to join army because of defective eyesight. Eventually allowed to join North Somerset Yeomandry. Wounded. Joined Royal Field Artillery. Killed in Action 23rd May 1916. Buried Orival Wood Cemetery, Flesquières, some six miles south-west of Cambrai.


Rowley, Adam Clarke 1879-80 Born 26th December 1847 Bristol. Baptised 28th January 1848 St. Paul's Church, Clifton, Bristol. Son of Rev. Adam Clarke Rowley and Emily Lansdowne (nee Norton). Brother of Walter. St. Mary Hall Colege, Oxford. Schoolmaster, Avondale, College Road, Clifton, Bristol. Married 25th August 1887 Mary Jane Knowles at Hampton St Mary, London. Died 25th November 1910 Bristol.  
Rowley, Walter Pountney 1880-81

Born 1856 Bristol. Brother of Adam. Son of Rev. Adam Clarke Rowley, Vicar St. Matthias, Bristol and Chaplin Bristol General Hospital 1859. Clergyman. High Church Theological College, Lincoln. 1881-1884. Married 1887 Mary Eliza Silley in Westbury-on-Severn. St. Lukes, Eltham Park, London 1904-1914. Son Walter Austin Rowley killed WW1. Rector of Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex ?-1920. Rector All Saints, West Parley, Dorset 1923-1926. Died 19th September 1942 Gloucester.

Rucker, Reginald Wynn 1873-74 Born 27th December 1854 Clapham, Surrey. Son of Daniel Henry Rucker and Mary Antoinette (nee Williams). Clifton College 1868-1874 (Head of School May 1874). Brasenose College, Oxford. Oxford Blue 1874 (20-a-side) and 1876 (15-a-side). Died 14th May 1924.
Ruddock, Herbert Martin 1900-01

Born 20th December 1872 Lambeth, London. Baptised 26th January 1873 St. Mark's, Kennington. Son of Samuel Ruddock, sculptor, and Sarah (nee Schofield). Mercer's School. Pembroke College, Cambridge BA-1894 MA-1898. Assistant Master Berkhamsted School 1896-1897. Assistant Master Clifton College 1900. Instructor Royal Navy. HMS Venerable 1906. Assistant Master King William's College, Isle of Man 1911-1916. Died before 1925. (Possibly murdered 30th September 1923 Dublin. Shot in Harcourt Street for singing God Save The King)

Rudman, Harold Ewart 1903-04

Born 30th October 1883. Son of James Rudman, oil importer and paint manufacturer, and Emily Sophia Ann (nee Rider). Brother of Francis. Clifton College 1891-1901. Killed in Action 19th July 1916.


Rudman, Francis Reginald Rider 1906-07 Born 17th May 1887 Clifton, Bristol. Son of James Rudman, oil importer and paint manufacturer, and Emily Sophia Ann (nee Rider). Brother of Harold. Clifton College 1895-1905. King's College, Cambridge. Director James Rudman Ltd. MBE 1941. Died 22nd September 1953 Iron Acton, Gloucestershire.
Russell, H.C. 1930s  
Ryes, W. 1880-81    
Rynch, Peter 1920s-30s  


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