Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Henry Lawrence Weekes Norrington


He was born on the 16th August 1872 in Clifton, Bristol. The son of Chemical Manufacturer Frederick Norrington and Clara. He was educated at Clifton College from 1883-1891 and then University College, Bristol. His fathers company, Norrington Hingston & Co. was based at the Chemical Manure Works, Crews Hole Road in St. George, Bristol. He joined Clifton in 1891-1892 and played for Gloucestershire.

In 1881 the family lived at 24 Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol.

In 1891 the family lived at 3 Downfield Road, Clifton, Bristol.

Standing (L-R): ?, Frederick Charles Belson, ? (possibly Claude Wreford-Brown), W.P.Gwynne, ?, T.Jones, B.H.Belson. Sitting: Frank Borwick, Edward Panter-Downes, Henry Lawrence Weekes Norrington, Edward Payne Press, William Wyamar Vaughan, Edward James Barff, C.Parkes-Smith. On Ground: Albert Stewart Hume

The original of the above photo (titled Clifton Rugby Football Club with A.S.H 1893) is part of the Hume Collection (UQFL10) and is reproduced courtesy of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Back Row (L-R): W.James, F.Belson, N.Cooper, H.B.F.Bingham, W.Bunbury, W.P.Gwynne, A.B.Cridland, T.Jones. Front Row: W.W.Vaughan, B.H.Belson, W.J.Lias, H.L.Norrington, H.Bacchus, C.Rogers. On Ground: C.W.W.James

Above Clifton XV 1893-94

Back Row (L-R): D.T.Price, T.W.Baker, E.L.Marriott, H.B.F.Bingham, H.W.Wills, S.H.Reynolds, T.H.Battye. Middle Row: A.B.Cridland, T.Taylor, Lieut Norrington, W.J.Lias, H.L.Norrington, W.P.Gwynne, H.Brimble. In Front: C.W.W.James.

Above Clifton XV 1894-95

He married Marion Lloyd Price in 1895 in Bristol

He married Ethel Victoria May Toppin (Born abt 1876 in Colchester, Essex) in 1899 in Calne, Wiltshire.

He became a Captain in the RAMC on the 2nd August 1900.

His wife, Ethel, gave birth to a son, Guy Stanley Norrington, in 1900.

During the 1901 census his wife Ethel was at her parents house at 34 Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol. Her father was Major General James Morris Toppin.

He was promoted to Major in the RAMC on the 28th January 1909.

He became a Lt-Col in RAMC.

He died on the ?