Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Home Ground: Oakfield Ground, Fishponds

Standing (L-R): ?, Frederick Charles Belson, ?, W.P.Gwynne, ?, T.Jones, B.H.Belson. Sitting: Frank Borwick, Edward Martin Panter-Downes, Henry Lawrence Weekes Norrington, Edward Payne Press, William Wyamar Vaughan, Edward James Barff, C.Parks-Smith. On Ground: Albert Stewart Hume

The original of the above photo (titled Clifton Rugby Football Club with A.S.H 1893) is part of the Hume Collection (UQFL10) and is reproduced courtesy of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. It includes Frederick Belson (standing second left) who in 1899 went on to become one of the first British Lions. Frank Borwick in the above picture became a Master of Clifton College and was also played County rugby for Middlesex. This photograph would have been taken towards the end of the 1892/93 season. The Clifton captain Edward Payne Press played in the first three Clifton v Bristol matches.

1st XV (Played ?, Won ?, Drawn ?, Lost ?. For: Goals ?, Tries ?, Touches ?. Against: Goals ?, Tries ?, Touches ?)

Date Opposition Venue Clifton Opposition Score Result
24 Sep 1892 Taunton Home E.Field, C.A.Hooper, E.J.Barff, F.Borwick, E.M.Panterdowne, G.T.Kevern A.S.Hume, B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, F.Burnard, W.W.Vaughan, G.W.Norrington, W.Gwynn, H.Fargus, T.Jones Boucher, Keats, Lock, Spurway, Clive, Webb Goodman, Morris (captain), Taylor, McAuley, Mitchell, Mezeweather, Hitchcock, Durie, T.Hancock 16(2G,3Tr)-0 Won
8 Oct 1892 Bath College Away H.Whitehead, W.E.Mackie, V.Davies, E.J.Barff, C.Park-Smith, A.S.Hume, F.Borwick, N.W.Norrington, W.W.Vaughan, E.P.Press (captain), B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, T.Jones, R.J.Chandler, H.Fargus   16(2G,3Tr)-2(1Tr) Won
15 Oct 1892 Bath Away E.Whitehead, F.Borwick, G.P.Smith, F.Smith, E.Barff, W.J.Smith, A.Hume, E.P.Press, Norrington, Vaughan, B.Belson, F.Belson, A.Vachell, Gwynn, Jones.

Plach, Roberts, Clarlee, Anderson, Fitzwilliam, G.G.Vincent, Rogers, R.Dykes, Fry, Hooper, Coles, Jones, Ross, D'Aguilar, P.Dykes.

Bath played a weakened side. 5 of their players in Somerset Trial at Bridgwater

9(2G(1 dropped))-2(1Tr ) Won
22 Oct 1892 Clifton College Away E.K.Whitehead, F.C.Belson, E.M.Panter-Downes, G.Chapromiere, A.S.Hume, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press (Captain), H.L.W.Norrington, A.Vachell, T.Jones, B.H.Belson, H.Fargus, W.Gwynn, J.Hogan, E.H.Loch. D.T.Price, F.R.Hemingway, J.R.Eccles, L.Picton-Evans, T.B.Nicholson, J.H.Curtis, P.W.Goldring, W.G.Grace Jnr , T.W.H.Inskip, W.P.Hewett, H.C.Bentley, G.Hudleston, J.H.F.Mills, W.H.Jones. 7-6 Won
29 Oct 1892 Cheddar Valley Wanderers Home

E.K.Whitehead, E.J.Barff, E.M.Panterdownes, F.C.Belson, G.Champeoniere, W.J.Lias, A.S.Hume, E.P.Press (captain), W.W.Vaughan, W.Gwynn, A.Vachell, B.H.H.Belson, T.Jones, T.Hogan, Macdonald

Norrington missing for Clifton as he was playing for Glos v Somerset.

  51(9G,3Tr)-0 Won
5 Nov 1892 Weston-super-Mare Home F.C.Belson, Jones, E.P.Press (captain), Whitehead, Panterdownes, H.B.Belson , Lias, Hume, Borwick, Parks-Smith   34(4G,7Tr)-0 Won
12 Nov 1892 Oakfield Home Parks-Smith, E.J.Barff, F.Borwick, F.C.Belson, E.M.Panterdownes, A.S.Hume, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press (captain), W.W.Vaughan, H.L.Norrington, A.Vachell, B.H.Belson, W.Gwynn, T.Jones, D.Daniel      
19 Nov 1892 Swindon Away C.Parks-Smith, F.Borwick, T.Taylor, F.C.Belson, G.Chapeoniere, A.S.Hume, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press (captain), A.Vachell, B.H.Belson, W.Gwynn, J.Jones, D.Hodges, H.Fargus, J.Press W.A.Lelean, J.C.Davies (captain), Robson, W.Hadley, W.J.Ashe, Keefe, Matthews, W.Skidmore, Hoare, J.H.Shepherd, J.A.Hill, R.Hill, W.Harry, H.O.Currey, H.Passmere 0-0 Draw
26 Nov 1892 Wellington Away C.Parks-Smith, F.C.Belson, T.Taylor, G.Chaproniere, A.S.Hume, C.N.Macdonald, E.P.Press (Captain) , B.H.Belson, H.L.Norrington, A.Vachell, W.Gwynn, H.Hodges, D.Daniel, Hunt, J.H.Price. W.Twose, W.Lane, F.H.Fox (Captain), F.E.Greenwood, S.Baker, R.Merry, J.Brice, P.F.Hancock, F.Brown, P.Ebdon, T.Phillips, W.Perry, F.Phillips, W.Taylor, ? 0-25(3G,5Tr) Lost
3 Dec 1892 Bristol Away C.Parks-Smith, G.Chaproniere, E.J.Barff, P.Evans, F.Borwick, A.S.Hume, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press, J.H.Aldridge, W.W.Vaughan, H.L.Norrington, B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, A.Vachell, W.Gwynne. W.Hann, E.Fenner, B.W.L.Ashford, A.E.Gibson, H.B.Turner, Dixon, W.T.Pearce, W.Thomson, T.S.Duffett, T.O.Davies, P.F.Dewar, W.H.Birch, A.W.Ford, P.Lockyer, W.S.Vesper. 0-16(2G,3Tr) Lost
10 Dec 1892 Marlborogh College Away        
17 Dec 1892 Swindon Rangers Home C.Parks-Smith, E.J.Barff, E.S.Thomas, G.R.Bacchus, E.M.Panterdownes, A.S.Hume, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press (captain), H.L.Norrington, L.Schwabe, B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, T.Jones, W.Gwynn, H.Fargus Brinson, Briggs, Davis, Russell, Robson, Matthews, Evans, R.Hill, J.Hill, Passmore, Skidmore , Boys, Porter, Hoare, Hadley 2Tr-0 Won
Dec 1892 Stroud Home (The Downs) Fishponds ground in bad condition   T.Hogg, Apperley, Berriman, Haines, P.Smith, Butcher (captain), Edwards, Burrows, Clarke, Clissold, Cunningham, Donning, King, Mills, Prosser. 0-11 (1G,3Tr) Lost
26 Dec 1892 Clifton Association (under association rules) Home        
31 Dec 1892 Weston-super-Mare Away        
31 Dec 1892 Gloucester 2nd Away        
7 Jan 1893

Clifton Association (under rugby rules)

21 Jan 1893 Bristol Away C.Parks-Smith, W.H.Thomas, H.H.Hale, E.M.Panter-Downes, E.J.Barff, W.J.Lias, A.S.Hume, E.P.Press (Captain), G.H.F..Cookson, J.E.Aldridge, L.Wreford-Brown, B.H.Belson, T.Jones, F.C.Belson, Gwynn. W.A.Mackay, J.M.Willcocks, H.B.Turner, B.W.L.Achford, E.Fenner, W.T.Pearce, F.W.Hunt, W.Thomson, T.O.Davies, W.H.Birch, A.W.Ford, W.S.Vosper, Capenhurst, P.F.Dewer, T.S.Duffett. 0-16(2G,3Tr) Lost
28 Jan 1893 Oakfield   Parks-Smith, James, Barff, Davies, Lias, Hume, B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, E.P.Press, Vaughan, Jones, Wreford-Brown, Weston. Johnson, Howe, Bishop, Price, Vowles, Ricards, Giband, Wells, Hunt, Edwards, Reynolds, Wintle, Cox, Ludlow. 9(1G,2Tr)-0 Won
4 Feb 1893 Trinity College, Oxford Away (The Parks) C.Parks-Smith, F.Borwick, E.J.Barff, E.M.Panter-Downes, E.S.Thomas, G.T.Kevern, W.J.Lias, E.P.Press (Captain), H.L.Norrington, B.H.Belson, F.C.Belson, E.M.Jones, T.Jones, W.Gwynn, A.N.Other. C.R.Hills, A.Lather, E.M.Day, T.S.B.Wilson, A.Ellis, T.D.Hawkins, F.M.Mugliston (Captain), P.E.Noble, S.F.Sykes, H.S.James, W.Schwabe, O.Field, J.Robinson, T.A.Smith, A.T.Lawrie.

5(1G)-9(1G, 2Tr)

Att: 1,000

12 Feb 1893 Cheltenham College Away

C.Parks-Smith, F.Borwick, E.J.Barff, W.Davies, T.Taylor, W.J.Lias, H.Bacchus, B.H.Belson, H.L.T.Norrington, L.Wreford-Brown, H.Fargus, F.Bingham, J.Avstay, A.Vatchall, W.E.Paul.

  0-10(2G) Lost
25 Feb 1893 Bridgwater Home C.Parks-Smith, E.J.Barff, T.Atylor, E.James, F.C.Belson, W.J.Lias, F.Borwick, E.P.Press (Captain), W.W.Vaughan, H.L.Norrington, B.H.Belson, B.Bingham, T.Jones, H.Fargus, W.E.Paul. Bond, Wescott, Peace, Standfast, Baker, Burt, Roman, Palmer, Winsley, Lovibond, Croker, Porter, Baker, Oakley, Speer. 0-0 Draw
4 Mar 1893            
11 Mar 1893 Taunton Away Parks-Smith, Barff, Borwick, James, F.Belson, B.Belson, Press, Cridland, Bingham, Norrington, Wreford-Brown, Annesley. L.Bartlett, Pope, Boucher, Spurway, Williamson, Goodman, Lock, Morris, S.M.J.Woods, Merriweather , Durie, Webb, Hitchcock, Headley, Chaplin. 1G,1Tr-2G,1Tr Lost
18 Mar 1893 Wellington Home C.Parks-Smith, W.Davie, H.James, E.J.Barff, F.Borwick, W.J.Lias, J.S.Hunt, E.P.Press (captain), W.W.Vaughan, C.Petman, H.L.Norrington, L.Wreford-Brown, B.H.Belson, H.Bingham, F.C.Belson   1Tr-0 Won
25 Mar 1893 Bridgwater Away Cumberland, Davey, James, Taylor, Lias, Hunt, Norrington, Belson, Gwynn, Cridland, Paul, Davidson, Nicholson, Hale, Sinnott. Westestr, Peace, W.H.Calverwell , Rowe, Palmey, Burt, R.T.Caverwell, Romen, Rouse, Lovibond, Selway, Winslade, Lewis, Prescott, Bowen. 0-10(2G) Lost
1 Apr 1893 Bath Home

Parks-Smith, Davey, Barff, Bacchus, Panter-Downes, Norrington, Vaughan, B.Belson, F.Belson, Wreford-Brown, Bingham, Brotherton, Gwynn.

Clifton played with 13 men (no Press & Lias)

Sears, Pattinson, Perreau, Gunnerly, B.Vincent, Bain, Soane, Dykes, Fry, Roberts, Doyle, Sturgis, Sandall, Roberts.

Bath played with 13 men (no Parham)

3(1Tr)-8(1G,1Tr) Lost

(Clifton score first. Scorers shown when known. G:Goal, Tr:Try, To:Touches)

2nd XV

Date Opposition Venue Clifton Opposition Score Result
8 Oct 1892 Oakfield Home        
22 Oct 1892 Clifton College 2nd Away J.Cumberland, E.James (Captain), W.Pigeon, L.Graham, N.Jenkins, Smith, J.H.Price, E.F.Bryant, J.Press, H.O.Crook, R.James, R.J.Chandler, W.E.Paul, G.Chaproniere, F.Cridland.      
5 Nov 1892 Bristol Extra Away     2Tr-0 Won
12 Nov 1892 Widcombe Institute Away (Bath) Chaproniere   4(1DG)-5(1G) Lost
10 Dec 1892 Brighton House Old Boys Downs        
26 Dec 1892 Tyndale Home        
31 Dec 1892 Lodway Away        
28 Jan 1893 Wrington Vale Away     1Tr-3G,1Tr Lost
4 Feb 1893 Widcombe Institute       0-0 Draw
11 Feb 1893 Carlton Downs     1PG-2G,1Tr Lost
1 Apr 1893 Brighton House Downs        

(Clifton score first. Scorers shown when known. G:Goal, PG:Penaly Goal, Tr:Try, To:Touches)


Extra XV

Date Opposition Venue Clifton Opposition Score Result
5 Nov 1892 Bristol Grammar School Away     1G,4Tr-0 Won

(Clifton score first. Scorers shown when known. G:Goal, PG:Penaly Goal, Tr:Try, To:Touches)