Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Home Ground: Coldharbour Lane

Back Row (L-R): E.Townsend, F.Allen, J.G.Thomson, E.Phillips, J.H.Powell, W.R.Webb, A.H.Allen, W.S.Paul, G.T.Budd, W.R.Gribble, A.K.Butterworth. Sitting: E.J.Taylor, M.M.Curtis, C.Strachan, A.C.St.Paul, J.A.Bush. On Ground: F.Morris, C.Chamberlain, J.Curtis, J.D.Miller.

Above Clifton Football Club in 1874-75.

1st XV (Played 11, Won 5, Drawn 6, Lost 0. For: Goals 13, Tries 30, Touches 81. Against: Goals 1, Tries 1, Touches 11)

Date Opposition Venue Clifton Opposition Score Result
7 Nov 1874 Bath (first ever match played against Bath) Home     4G,5Tr,12To-0 Won
14 Nov 1874 Marlborough College Away     2Tr,8To-0 Draw (in favour of Clifton)
23 Nov 1874 Sydney College Away H.Allen, Randolph, E.Taylor, C.Strachan (captain), Butterworth, Bird, Budd, Chamberlain, F.Curtis, M.Curtis, Dunn, Morris, W.Paul, Phillips, Warren L.Stokes, Wintour, Falconer, Wright, Woolridge, Whittuck (captain), Blaikie, Matthews, Stockwell, Molesworth, Slater, W.Helps, J.Helps, Sainsbury, Pheran. 3Tr,6To-2To Draw (in favour of Clifton)
5 Dec 1874 Swindon Rangers Away H.Allen, W.Gribble, A.K.Butterworth, C.Strachan (captain), F.Allen, J.A.Bush, J.Curtis, M.M.Curtis, F.Morris, J.Dunn, W.Strachan, A.C.St.Paul, W.S.Paul, E.Phillips, W.H.Price W.Phillips, W.Bliss, T.Dawes, C.Askew (captain), A.A.Moore, Jos. Armstrong, F.H.Trevethic, J.Butler, W.Butler, F.J.New, W.Sewell, W.G.Povey, C.Brunsden, A.E.Sykes, T.Newcome 2G,1Tr,4To-1G Won
12 Dec 1874 Clifton College Away A.H.Allen, A.J.Taylor, F.Allen, E.J.Taylor, C.Strachan (Captain), E.A.Deacon, A.K.Butterworth, W.M.Bird, G.T.Budd, J.A.Bush, J.Curtis, M.M.Curtis, J.H.Dunn, F.Morris, W.S.Paul, A.C.St.Paul, E.Phillips, W.Strachan, J.G.Thomson, W.R.Webb. J.D.Miller, A.W.Leach, W.Maw, E.I.Pocock, A.Block, A.H.Heath, G.Dakyns (Captain), W.Trevor, H.Fowler, C.Slater, A.S.Trevor, R.E.Bush, J.Haig, H.P.Burt, J.Sharp, H.Grylls, J.Hood, H.Marsh, H.Meuricoffre, (aeg., H.R.King, R.Turner, R.Baker, E.L.Maisey, J.Bryant) 1Tr,3To-0 Draw (in favour of Clifton)
12 Dec 1874 - 9 Jan 1875 no matches played owing to frost.
9 Jan 1875 Exeter Away (Victoria Park) A.H.Allen, T.C.Gilmore, C.Strachan (captain), T.G.Thompson, E.J. Taylor, F.Allen, F.Allen, A.Budd, G.T.Budd, R.Bush, T.Curtis, M.M.Curtis, W.S.Paul, W.Strachan, E.P.Warren, W.R.Webb C.B.Sanders, W.Massey (captain), A.Pasmore, H.C.Wilson, S.Snow, C.H.Burlten, H.Drake, T.Hutchings, M.Macmillan, C.Milford, R.Porter, W.Radcliffe, F.A.Sanders, Herbert Wilson, R.P.Wilson. 1G,1Tr,4To-0 Won
16 Jan 1875 Swindon Rangers Home J.Gilmore, J.Miller, E.Tatlor, C.Strachan (captain), F.Allen, A.Allen, A.Budd, G.T.Budd, J.A.Bush, R.E.Bush, J.Curtis, M.M.Curtis, W.S.Paul, E.Phillips, W.Strachan W.Bliss, J.Thompson, J.Wickenden, C.Askew, T.Hedges, W.Edlin, F.New, T.Newcombe, W.Pavey, A.Sykes, H.Taylor, H.Vesger, W.Webb, J.Williams 2G,5Tr,12To-0 Won
23 Jan 1875 Exeter Home C.Strachan (captain), A.K.Butterworth, W.Gribble, J.D.Miller, E.J.Taylor, H.Allen, A.Budd, G.Budd, J.Curtis, M.Curtis, J.C.Gilmore, W.S.Paul, A.C.St.Paul, W.Strachan, E.P.Warren. CB Sanders (capt), W Massey, RE Courtenay, HC Wilson, A Pasmore, H Burn, W Elliot, JJ Hickling, A Sim, J Hutchings, C Milford, R Porter, RA Sandilands, RP Wilson, AN Other: 2Tr,7To-1To Draw (in favour of Clifton)
30 Jan 1875 Volunteers v Rest Home W.Bird, C.Badcocke, E.Warren, A.K.Butterworth, E.Townsend, F.Beck. G.Budd, J.Curtis, M.Curtis, A.Edwards, W.Paul (captain), C.Paul, W.Strachan, A.Turner A.Allen, J.Miller, F.Allen, C.Strachan, J.Thomson, F.Ball, T.Saylis, A.Driver, J.Dunn, A.Francis, E.Gabriel, F.Morris, E.Phillips, C.Rowley, W.Tribe   Won
13 Feb 1875 Sherbourne School Away C.Strachan (captain), Thomson, Taylor, Butterworth, Miller, Gribble, H.Allen, F.Allen, Baylis, Budd, Bush, J.Curtis, M.Curtis, Dunn, Morris, Phillips, W.Strachan, Townsend, Webb, Woodforde. G.Banes (captain), Evans, Twyman, Finch, Merriman, Heathcote, Holland, Glasgow, Llewellyn, Rees, Schacht, Sanctuary, Tryon, Twyman, Vial, R.Webb, E.Webb, Woosman, 2 others 1Tr,12To-0 Draw (in favour of Clifton)
20 Feb 1875 Bath Away C.Strachan (captain), J.Thomson, W.Gribble, E.Taylor, A.Taylor, J.Miller, H.Allen, F.Allen, G.Budd, J.Bush, C.Chamberlain, J.Curtis, M.Curtis, F.Morris, C.Parnell, W.Paul, E.Phillips, W.Strachen, E.Warren Whittuck, Stokes 4G,9Tr,15To-0 Won
8 Mar 1875 Oxford University Away J.D.Miller, W.Gribble, A.K.Butterworth, E.J.Taylor, C.Strachan (captain), J.Hewson, H.Allen, F.Allen, G.Budd, J.Curtis, F.Morris, W.S.Paul, E.Phillips, W.Strachan, J.Thompson. W.H.Bolton (captain), R.H.Ross, D.B.Wilson, F.H.Nash, C.G.Champneys, R.W.Rinker, E.C.Fraser, F.H.Lee, E.F.Harrison, H.D.Bateson, W.H.Cornish, F.H.Law, H.Bourdillon, R.W.Sheffield, R.Johnson 0-6Tr,8To Draw (in favour of Oxford)
20 Mar 1875 Club (Old Cliftonians) v the Rest Home A.T.Taylor, J.D.Millar, W.Gribble, J.A.Bush, J.Thomson, F.Allen, F.Ball, G.T.Budd, C.Chamberlain, J.Dunn, A.Francis, F.Morris, W.Paul, C.Paul, W.Webb H.Allen, E.Townsend, C.Strachan, A.K.Butterworth, J.Curtis, E.Gabriel, A.Hopton, W.Jones, F.Phillips, C.Rowley, W.Strachan W.Tribe, A.Turner 3G,2Tr,6To-0 Won

(Clifton score first. Scorers shown when known. G:Goal, Tr:Try, To:Touches)

2nd XV

Date Opposition Venue Clifton Opposition Score Result

(Clifton score first. Scorers shown when known. G:Goal, Tr:Try, To:Touches)