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The Bush Family

The Bush Family

The Bush Brothers and Sisters.

James Arthur Bush

James Arthur Bush. Born 28th July 1850 in Cawnpore (now Kanpur), Uttar Pradesh, India. Died 21st September 1924, Clevedon, Somerset.

He was part of the first years intake at Clifton College in April 1863 with his brother Alfred George de Lisle Bush.

BUSH, A.G. De L. Son of Major BUSH, Clifton. (Town. Class. IVB-V;CAP;XI;left April, 1865. Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers, Bristol, 1882-83. Town Councillor of Bristol.)

BUSH,J.A. Brother of above. (Town. II-Mod.V;CAP; XI; left July, 1868. Played in the English Football Fifteen v. Scotland, 1872-1876; in the Gloucestershire County Football Fifteen; in the Gloucestershire County Eleven, 1869-1887; and for Gentlemen v Players, etc,-7, Royal York Villas, Clifton.)

James Arthur Bush was an all round sportsman. Wicket-keeper for Gloucestershire, Gentlemen and MCC, rugby player for Clifton and England, Goalkeeper and Footballer for Bedminster. He became the best friend of W.G.Grace and was his best man at W.G.'s wedding on the 9th October 1873 at St.Mathias Church in West Brompton, London. He became the Swordbearer of Bristol.

James Bush was one of 19 Black Caps at Clifton College in 1867. Balck Caps wre in fact black and gold and were given to members of the rugby XX. There was a certain amount of animosity in 1868 because they clashed with House and Sixth Form caps. They were eventually abolished. Badges on the jerseys replaced the Black Caps. The Clifton College rugby XX produced 3 players for the 1872 England v Scotland match, Stephen Finney and James Arthur Bush for England and Edward Mordaunt Bannerman for Scotland.


PAF File of Bush Family dating back to 1427

Robert Edwin Bush


James Paul Bush


Alfred George de L'Isle Bush

Born 7.3.1847. died 1929. Clifton College April 1863- 1865. Master , Society of Merchant Venturers 1882-83. Director Lysaght's, Bristol; Member Clifton College Council 1903. Brother of James and Robert Bush. Never played rugby for Clifton.

(Left to Right): J.D.Howden, D.E.Gouldsbury, G.T.Clark, L. Bush, C.B.Tylecote, C.McArthur (Captain), P.W.D.Crutwell, R.Bernard, A.E.Peile, Campbell, J.V.Hall, G.M.Horsford, E.F.S.Tylecote.

N.B. In the list of that years XI., the names of W.C.Harrison appears, but those of A.E.Peile and G.M.Horsford do not.

Above photo of the Clifton College Cricket XI of 1864 with A.G. De L. Bush.


John Ernest Bush

He is in the 1879-80 photo of the Clifton XV along with his brother James Paul Bush. However he is not listed as a Clifton, Gloucestershire or Ireland player in the book "Fifty Years with the Clifton Rugby Football Club"

The Clifton College register says

born 31.12.1859. Started Clifton College Sept 1870. Left 1877. Played rugby for Gloucestershire 1879 and Ireland 1881. Colonel Durham Light Infantry ; Soudan, 1885-86, M., Kh.Star; S.Afr. War, Q.M.w.3.C.;1914 War, Cmdg. York and Durham Brig-Gen. Died 1943.

The 1947 Clifton College Register says that he played for Ireland in 1881 but the Register of 1887 makes no mention of it. The IRB Yearbook does not list J.E.Bush as having received a cap for Ireland. Ireland played 2 matches in 1881.

5th Feb 1881 v England Manchester L Eng 2G,2T- Ire Nil
19th Feb 1881 v Scotland Belfast W Ire 1DG- Scot 1T

The team listings I have make no mention of him. Wales had originally approached Ireland for a match in 1880 but after first accepting the fixture Ireland for the following year they withdrew. He may have also been one of the players for this match. Another possibility is that he was one of the 10 players selected to play against Wales on 28th Jan 1882 that withdrew. Ireland paid the penalty for fielding a weak side and duly lost the match by 2 tries and 2 goals to nil. Another possibility is that he played in the Munster side that toured Wales in 1881. They lost to Newport and South Wales but beat Neath. Many people in Wales have considered the South Wales defeat of Munster as a win for Wales over Ireland.

Emily Eliza Fanny Bush

Euphemia Sullivan Bush