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Reginald Innes Pocock


Reginald Innes Pocock FRS. Born Clifton, Bristol on the 15th March 1863. His brothers Edward (2 caps Scotland), William and Herbert all played for Clifton. Reginald joined Clifton in 1883.

Above Reginald Pocock from the Cliftom RFC XV of 1884-1885

He studied at University College, Bristol under Conwy Lloyd Morgan and William Johnson Sollas.

In 1885 he became an assistant at the Natural History Museum and was put in charge of the collections of Arachnida and Myriapoda.

Above Reginald Pocock in later years.

He married Constance Osbourne on 1st July 1889. Constance Osbourne was born on 1st July 1864. She died about 1944. They had 1 daughter Marie Natalie Patricia Innes Pocock, born 8th September 1890, died 25th March 1901. Four sons, 3 died in infancy and the 4th was Constantine Innes Pocock.

In 1904 he left to become Superintendent of London Zoo, remaining so until his retirement in 1923.

He then worked, as a voluntary researcher, in the British Museum, in the mammals department.

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He died on 9th August 1947 in London. His obituary appeared in The Times on 16th August 1947 and said

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