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Claude Bostock Smith


Lieutenant Claude Bostock Smith - Regiment: Royal Engineers.Killed at Ypres on 5th October 1918. Buried at Potijze north east of the town.

In 1901 the Bostock-Smith family lived at 3 Hillside Road, Cotham, Bristol. They were

Name Relation Age Occupation Where born
Anna E. Smith Head 53 Bristol, Glos.
Charles H. Bostock-Smith Son 26 Merchant Clerk Bristol, Glos.
Eshel L. Bostock-Smith Dau 25 Bristol, Glos.
Stanley Bostock-Smith Son 24 Merchant Clerk Bristol, Glos.
Maud Bostock-Smith Dau 22 Bristol, Glos.
Stuart Bostock-Smith Son 21 Brokers Clerk Bristol, Glos.
Claude Bostock-Smith Son 10 Bristol, Glos.
Maria L. Holt Sister 55 Bristol, Glos.
Elizabeth Derrick Serv 35 Parlourmain Bristol, Somerset.
Elizabeth Jelly Serv 28 Cook Tiverton, Devon

Above 3 Hillside Road, Cotham, Bristol.

Above 1901 map of 3 Hillside Road, Cotham, Bristol. Near the top of Cotham Hill and Hampton Road.

Above Claude Bostock-Smiths signature from the menu of the dinner held to celebrate Gloucestershire becoming County Champions on March 1st 1913 when they beat Cumberland 14-3 at Carlisle. The dinner was held at the Bell Hotel in Gloucester on April 3rd 1913. Unfortunateley no Clifton playeres played for Gloucestershire in this season.

Back row: Press, G Warr, H Hosegood, Watts, Shelton, Matthews, ?, TCB Davies, Wilson, Clough, ?, Seymour Bell, Morris. 3rd Row: ?, Vipan, Rawlins, MacMurtree, Gibbs, Vowles, Holbrow, Williams, Long, Bennett, Haskins, Hunter, Knee
2nd Row: MO, Charlie Chaplin, Warr, Owen Davies, Heaven, Langley, Seymour Williams (the CO), C Hosegood, Cecil Wills, Whitwill, Fitzgerald, Harry Savory. Front Row: Claude Bostock Smith, Corbett Slee, Rogers, Braisher, ?, Mitchell Clark, ?, Barrett, Edwards, Stratton Davies, S Jones

Above photograph belonging to Clifton player Harry Savory and annotated 'SMRE Officers 2nd & 3rd lines Nov 1915 Witham House'. There are 6 more Clifton RFC names in this picture H.Hosegood, Seymour Bell, C.Hosegood,  Harry Savory, Corbett Slee, Cecil Wills (his full name was Hugh Cecil Wills)

Above a close-up of Claude Bostock-Smith from the South Midlands Royal Engineers photograph.

Son of Samuel Bostock and Anna Elizabeth Smith, of Bristol.