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Victor Fuller-Eberle


Victor Fuller-Eberle. Born 28th June 1887 in Bristol. Clifton College 1899-1905.

Above newspaper report of Victor Fuller-Eberle's first school match at Clifton College in October 1900.

Above a photo of Victor Fuller-Eberle which was found in the album of fellow Clifton College and Clifton RFC player Alfred Gardiner.

He attended Trinity College, Oxford from 1905 - 1908 where he obtained an MA in English Literature.

Back Row: J.L. Waggett, R.C. Wingfield, H.V. Hunt, V.F. Eberle. Middle Row: D.T. Monteath, F.E. Steinth, N. Thirkel-White, W.W. Hoskin, H.A. Hodges. Seated: C.J. Gardner, H.E.Latham, B. Cozens-Hardy, R.M. Oliphant. On Ground: W.K. Flemmer, R.M. Chadwick, R.H. Williamson, T. Entwistle

Above 1906-1907 Trinity College, Oxford Rugby XV with Victor Fuller-Eberle. This team included 4 Rhodes Scholars from St. Andrews College, Hoskin, Gardner, Flemmer and Williamson. Hoskin and Gardner had already started playing for Clifton the season before. Victor just missed out on a Blue through injury.

Above Victor Fuller-Eberle's Gloucestershire cap awarded in 1907-08

In 1907-08 he played in an England Rugby Trial.

Back Row (L-R): A.J.Lawes (bristol), C.J.Woolf (Lydney), J.W.Jarman (Bristol), W.Stinchcombe (Lydney), A.Lewis (Lydney), A.Teague (Cinderford), W.Johns (Gloucester), J.Nelmes (Lydney), F.T.Boucher (Clifton), V.Fuller-Eberle (Clifton), F.J.Hannam (Clifton), E.S.Bostock-Smith (Clifton. President G.C.R.U.) , A.Cromwell (Gloucester), E.W.Moore (Treasurer Cheltenham R.F.C.). Seated: D.Hollands (Gloucester), W.E.Meyer (Bristol), M.Neale (Bristol), J.L.Mathias (Bristol) (Captain), A.Hudson (Gloucester), A.E.Wood (Gloucester), R.A.Roberts (Gloucester Hon. Sec. G.C.R.F.U.). On Ground: D.R.Gent (Gloucester), F.Nibbett (Cinderford)

Above the Gloucestershire side that played Devon on the 9th November 1907.

Back Row (L-R): E.Mallett (Newton Abbot) (reserve), T.Lean (Committee), A.L.Sloper (Referee), R.Waycott (Committee), H.Floyd (Committee), T.C.Pring (Committee), W.White (Committee), E.Carter (Committee). Standing: J.Cummings (Plymouth), Lieut. Hughes (Plymouth), A.Wilcocks (Plymouth), C.T.Ley (London Devonians). Seated: W.Conybeare (Plymouth), D.G.Gibbs (R.N. College, Dartmouth), D.T.S.Kelly (Tiverton), W.Hyam (Plymouth), D.T.Mills (Plymouth), D.W.Hoskins (Playmouth). On Ground: A.Carlisle (R.M. College, Dartmouth), J.Peters (Plymouth)

Above the Devon side that played Gloucestershire on the 9th November 1907.

Back Row (L-R): W.T.Pearce, J.W.Jarman (Bristol), E.S.Bostock-Smith (President), R.A.Roberts (Hon.Sec.), C.J.Woolf. Standing: F.J.Hannam (Clifton), A.E.Wood, W.Johns (Gloucester), J.Nelmes, V.F.Eberle (Clifton), H.Quixley, A.Hall, A.Redding (Cinderford), A.Hudson, J.H.Tratt. Seated: J.Hart (Hon.Treas), E.F.Eberle (Clifton), G.Cook (Gloucester), D.Hollands, J.L.Matthias (Bristol) (Captain), A.Teague, F.Niblett, J.Hyndham (Cinderford), C.E.Brown (Vice-Pres)

Above the Gloucestershire side that played Cornwall on 20th February 1908, in front of 4,000 spectators, with Cliftons Victor and Ellison Fuller-Eberle. Cornwall, despite playing with only 14 men for 60 minutes, they won by 3 goals to 1 penalty goal. Cornwall went on to beat Durham 17-3 on March 28th 1908 to win the County Championship. They then represented England in the Olympic Games at White City Stadium on October 26th and 27th, 1908. They lost the final to Australia 32-3 and were awarded the Silver Medal

Back Row (L-R): C.E.Brown (Vice-President), R.A.Roberts (Hon.Sec.), E.S.Bostock-Smith (President), H.Lowther, C.J.Woolf. Standing: J.A.Emery, V.Fuller-Eberle (Clifton), W.W.Hoskin (Clifton), F.Feltham (Bristol), A.Redding (Cinderford), H.Berry (Gloucester), A.Teague (Cinderford), J.H.Tratt. Sitting: H.Smith, E.Fuller-Eberle (Clifton), J.Hyndham (Cinderford), W.Johns (Gloucester), A.Hudson (Gloucester) (Captain), ?,B.Davy (Cheltenham) , ?, M.A.Neale (Bristol), J.Hart (Hon.Treas). On Ground: D.R.Gent (Gloucester), ?.

To identify T. Elliot (Gloucester), J.L.Matthias (Bristol), W.Stichcombe (Lydney). In bold names confirmed.

Above a photograph of the Gloucestershire side that played Australia on 1st October 1908 at Kingsholm, Gloucester with Clifton's Worthington Wynn Hoskin, Victor and Ellison Fuller-Eberle.

Back Row (L-R): J.A.Emery, A.C.Williams, H.S.Gould, A.Harris, W.T.Pearce (Vice-Pres), C.E.Brown (President), H.Lowther, E.S.Bostock-Smith (ERU Ref), S.R.Carter (Ref.Sec.N.), H.Smith (Ref.Sec.S), J.L.Davis. Standing: W.Pearce, L.W.Hayward, H.Berry, G.Holford, J.Wright, A.Redding (Cinderford), V.Eberle (Clifton), G.Bowkett, W.Sawyer, W.Meredith, E.W.Moore. Seated: J.H.Tratt (Hon.Tres), T.Bagwell (Trainer), D.Hollands, J.Stephens, W.R.Johnston (Bristol), W.Johns (Gloucester), D.R.Gent (Captain), A.Hudson, J.Spoors (Bristol), M.E.Neale (Bristol), H.Uzzell, A.J.Gardner (Clifton), R.A.Roberts (Hon.Sec).

Above Gloucestershire RFU, County Champions 1909-10 with Victor Fuller-Eberle. The first time Gloucestershire won the County Championship. They have currently won it more times than any other County.

Back Row (L-R): W.Sawyer, E.S.Bostock-Smith, F.Nicholls (referee, Leicester), C.Williams, R.A.Roberts, J.H.Tratt. Standing: C.E.Brown (President), W.Uzzell (Newport), A.Redding (Cinderford), J.Hyndman (Cinderford), J.Wright (Cinderford) , H.Berry (Gloucester), W.Johns (Gloucester), G.Holiford (Gloucester), J.Wyburn (reserve, Gloucester). Seated: B.Davy (Cheltenham), V.F.Eberle (Clifton), L.W.Hayward (captain, Cheltenham), A.Hall (Cinderford), G.Bowkett (Cinderford), C.Kingston (Bristol). On Ground: F.Niblett (Cinderford), W.Washbourne (Gloucester).

Above the Gloucestershire side that defeated Glamorgan on 26th October 1910 with Victor Fuller-Eberle.

Above Victor Fuller Eberle played tennis for Gloucestershirre. Above the Zulu Warriors tennis team versus Middlesex. From left to right: J.M.Boucher, R.P.Keigwin, F.L.Riseley, R.H.Tasker, G.M.Boucher, V.F.Eberle. After the war, he was elected President of the Gloucestershire Lawn TennisAssociation and Chairman of their Council. In 1956 he was made an Honorary Life Vice President and Honorary Life Member of the Bristol Lawn Tennis Club.

He married Joyce Mary Marriot on the 2nd April 1918 at Coalpit Heath Parish Church by the Uncle of the bride, the Reverand C. A. Mackonochie. She taught Mathematics at Clifton College and was the first woman teacher to ever be appointed to the school staff in 1917.

Back Row (L-R): H.Merrick, C.M.Welsby, F.E.Metcalfe, A.J.Gardner, R.L.Austin, E.J.G.Higham, R.Lowe, F.Ellerton, M.H.Laxton. Front Row: G.F.Eberle, A.Gardiner, D.A.Clark, E.F.Eberle, V.F.Eberle. On Ground: G.V.Gibbs, R.S.Witchell.

Above the Old Members XV 1919-20 who played the Present XV.

He was Managing Director of Henry Pritchard & Co. Ltd., and Director of other companies. He was a member of the Council of Clifton College from 1927.

Above Victor Fuller Eberle and his wife present the trophy to the Ladies Singles Winner - West of England Championships 1935.

Above Victor Fuller-Eberle in 1972.

He died on 1th August 1974. His obituary appeared in The Times on 16th August 1974 and said

EBERLE.- On 14th August, 1974, at Southmead Hospital, after a short illness, Lt. Col. Victor Fuller Eberle, M.C., in his 88th year. Funeral Service at Holy Trinity, Nailsea. Tuesday 20th August, 1974, at 2.45pm followed by a cremation at Canford. Family flowers only by request. Memorial service in Bristol to be announced later.

Above Holy Trinity, Nailsea.

The memorial service was held at St. Stephen's Church, Bristol on Monday 2nd September 1974 at 12.30pm.

Above St. Stephen's Church, Bristol.