Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Clifford Newberry Hatcher


Born 17th September 1901 Taunton, Somerset. Son of Robert Hatcher, Draper, and Ellen Newberry (nee Lilly). Brother of Leslie. Mill Hill School. Clifton captain 1925-26. Also played rugby for Honiton and Somerset.

Back Row (L-R): J.W.Pooley, E.O.Lambert, H.J.Goddard, V.E.Rogers, J.Parker, F.J.M.Cook, J.D.Burch, R.D.Just. Sitting: R.G.Lumley, J.Hunt, B.W.Hunt, S.B.Organ, G.S.Castle, F.V.Griffiths, C.N.Hatcher. On Ground: E.C.Evans, R.G.Adams.

Above Clifton 2nd XV of 1920-21

Back Row (L-R): A.N.Carruthers (Hon.Sec.), J.A.Dommett, J.P.Hitchings, J.Bourne, V.E.Rogers, G.S.Castle, R.Huntly, S.N.Hatcher, H.Pyrke, L.C.Waters. Seated: C.N.Hatcher, E.H.Esbester, F.M.Arkle (Captain), H.W.Beloe (President), J.H.Bromhead, W.F.Curtis, W.A.Thomas. In Front: R.D.Evans, G.A.Rose.

Above Clifton 1st XV in Jubilee year 1922-23

Back Row (L-R): A.N.Carruthers (Hon.Sec.), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,?, ?, G.S.Castle, R.D.Just (Hon.Tres.). Middle Row: ?, M.A.James, F.M.Arkle (Captain), Mr.H.W.Beloe (Pres.), ?, C.N.Hatcher. In Front: L.C.Waters, E.C.Evans.

Above Clifton 1st XV of 1923-24

Back Row (L-R): F.T.Pollinger, E.O.Lambert, T.D.Corpe, D.McArthur, H.S.Holman, T.D.Harris. Sitting: B.O.Foster, E.Esbester, H.W.Thomas, J.H.Bromhead, F.M.Arkle, C.N.Hatcher, J.A.Dommett. On Ground: H.R.Wirgman.

Above Clifton XV of 1924-25

Back Row (L-R): Saunders (Groundsman), T.F.Hood, D.McArthur, T.W.Rossiter, T.D.Corpe, H.Bourne, A.F.B.Ham, R.Ling. Middle Row: F.S.Pratten, J.H.Bromhead, C.N.Hatcher, R.D.Evans, A.M.Stotesbury. In Front: G.D.McMurtie, H.R.Wirgman, C.F.Crinks.

Above Clifton 1st XV of 1926-27. This photograpgh was probably taken before the opening of Eastfield Road as C.N.Hatcher is captain. For this season R.D.Evans became captain.

Back Row (L-R): W.Saunders (Clifton's groundsman), J.Pippin of Bridgwater (Referee), J.S.Tucker, T.F.Hood, A.T.Hore, D.McArthur, F.G.Pratten, T.D.Corpe, J.H.Bourne, R.Thomas, H.Shreman, H.R.Wirgman, R.Ling, R.G.B.Quick, H.L.Shepherd, W.G.Francis, W.Rossiter, J.K.Morman. Seated: G.D.McMurtie, J.A.Tucker, R.D.Evans, L.J.Corbett (Bristol Captain), C.N.Hatcher (Clifton Captain), M.V.Shaw, A.M.Stotesbury, E.L.Stinchcombe, C.F.Crinks. In Front: T.Babington, J.H.Bromhead, C.B.Carter, A.F.B.Ham, F.J.Coventry.

Above Members of Clifton and Bristol Clubs that took part in the special match which opened the Eastfield Road Ground on September 11th 1926. Bristol in white

Standing (L-R): H.Dunsford, A.T.Chapman, R.Lewis, C.N.Hatcher, J.T.Rogers, W.J.Baker. Seated: W.A.Wyatt, S.E.Carnell, A.E.Woodrow, A.G.Paul (Captain), E.A.Munt, A.E.Stone, S.Dommett. On Ground: L.W.Gigg, A.H.Motard.

Above Honiton RFC XV of 1929-30. Winners of the Devon Junior Cup

Honiton Golf Club 1940-46 and 1953-55. The family business was Hatcher & Sons Department Store, High Street, Taunton. It is  still an independent, family run department store that was established as a drapery shop back in 1775. 

He died in 1961 in Taunton, Somerset.