Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Joseph Albert Dommett


He was born in Frome in 1888.

He was educated at Bath College between 1902 and 1905.

Above School House Section of Bath College. Winners of the Edwards Cup 1904. Back Row (L-R): Pte E.A.R.Walker. Pte Powell, Pte Warry, Pte Butcher, Pte Dommett, Pte Gabbie. Front Row: Sgt Banning, Lieut Bland, Lne Corp Martin.

Above School House Rugby XV, Bath College. Winners 1904. Back Row (L-R): P.S.Banning, Martin, Dommett, Gebbie, Waldomeyer, Blake, H.T.Martin, Scott. Standing: P.W.Fussell, Subitt, Warry. Front Row: Butcher, Dommett. (names need to be confirmed)

Above School House Section of Bath College. Winners of the Edwards Cup 1904. Back Row (L-R): Rowall, Butcher, Watermeger, Acland, Gebbie, Warry. Front Row: Martin, Sgt Martin, Lt Bland, Dommett.

Back Row (L-R): F.T.Boucher, J.H.Savory, P.L.Ealand, A.N.H.Churchill, A.J.Gardner, J.A.Brown, H.Hosegood, P.H.A.Matthews, E.Gardiner. Sitting: J.A.Dommett, C.M.Welsby, E.F.Eberle, E.Briggs, H.W.Below Esq., V.F.Eberle, A.B.Sellman, H.G.W.Prideaux. On Ground: C.Slee, R.Witchell.

Above 1st XV 1909-10

He practiced as a Solicitor with the firm of Osbourne, Ward, Vassall, Abbot & Co., 41 Broad Street, Bristol.

Back Row (L-R): E.Gardiner, F.D.Andrews, A.N.H.Churchill, A.J.Gardner, F.Ellerton, E.V.MacKay, A.Burr. Seated: C.M.Welsby, V.F.Eberle, H.W.Beloe Esq., J.A.Dommett, E.Briggs. R.S.Witchell, D.S.Cook, E.F.Eberle, M.Durant, M.H.Laxton.

Above Clifton XV of 1911-12

Back Row (L-R): T.H.Butler, M.H.Laxton, C.M.Welsby, H.V.Thomas, K.Harrison, W.W.Speid, M.Durant, C.Slee, S.A.Pakeman. Middle Row: F.D.Andrews, R.S.Witchell, V.F.Eberle, H.W.Beloe Esq, J.A.Dommett, A.B.Sellman, F.Ellerton. Front Row: P.G.Scott, D.S.Cook.

Above Clifton XV of 1912-13

Standing (L-R): F.D.Andrews, E.Taylor, C.M.Welsby, N.Durant, H.V.Thomas, F.S.Woodley, A.B.Sellman. Sitting: G.H.Gibbs, V.F.Eberle, J.A.Dommett, Mr.H.W.Beloe, R.S.Witchell, H.H.Hutchinson. On Ground: G.E.Cripps, G.C.Watson, E.H.Addenbrooke, R.I.Hawkins.

Above Clifton XV of 1913-14 with captain Joseph Dommett.

He died in 1969